Project-Based Learning and the Impact it can Make in Social Studies Content


  • Allyson Shinaver University of Toledo


Lessons, Project-based learning, Social Studies, motivation


The purpose of this manuscript is to explore the benefits of project-based learning (PBL), specifically regarding the content area of social studies. It is important for teachers to understand the benefits of incorporating this method. When students are active in the learning process, they are more engaged and curious. Incorporating project-based learning into the classroom can help make the experience more memorable and in result, help the students achieve the learning objectives. This manuscript will address the benefits of this method and provide real-world examples to use within a classroom. 

Author Biography

Allyson Shinaver, University of Toledo

My name is Allyson Shinaver. I graduated from the University of Toledo in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I am in the process of getting my master’s degree in early childhood education. After graduating, I ideally would like to be in a 3rd or 4th grade classroom.


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