About the Journal

In Factis Pax: Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice

ISSN 2578-6857

Focus and Scope

In Factis Pax is a peer-reviewed online journal of peace education and social justice dedicated to the examination of issues central to the formation of a peaceful society, the prevention of violence, political challenges to peace and democratic societies. Social justice, democracy, and human flourishing are the core factors which highlight the importance of the role of education in building peaceful societies. We invite articles and book reviews on topics related to these central issues.

Editorial Board Policies 

1) Each member of the Editorial Team understands and agrees to complete the tasks outlined by their position. 

2) All Editorial Team Members Full Names, Master(s) or Doctoral Degrees, Positions, and Employers are listed on the journal website. 

3) If an Editorial Team member submits an article for publication, the Editor-in-Chief will take measures to ensure the submission undergoes double-blind peer review. 

Peer Review Process

This journal uses a double blind peer review system. Manuscripts are blindly reviewed by at least 2 reviewers with expertise appropriate for the article submitted.  The reviewers are asked to rate and comment on the following elements:


·      Theoretical Framework

·      Methodology (if applicable)

·      Originality of Topic

·      Scholarly Rigor

·      Organization

·      Review of the Literature

·      Overall Quality

·      Related to Peace Education and Social Justice

Reviewers are required to make one of the following recommendations:

  • Accept without revision
  • Accept with minor revisions
  • Resubmit with major revisions
  • Reject

Potential conflicts of interest will be identified and managed in recruitment of reviewers from UT with appropriate expertise for evaluation of the work.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

For additional information, please contact the editorial office at: Translation@utoledo.edu

Journal History

In Facitis Pax started in 2000 as an initiative by Professor Dale Snauwaert as the founding and current editor and faculty member at the University of Toledo Judith Herb College of Education.

Journal Archiving Policy

In Facitis Pax will deposit an archival copy of published articles into the University of Toledo Digital Repository: https://utdr.utoledo.edu/islandora/object/utoledo%3Atranslation-archive