Turkey: A Rich Blend of Past and Present


  • Haroon Lughmani


It was Spring of 2020 and the pandemic had destroyed all that we had believed was our life. During this moment of chaos and fear, I found the Turkish television series Dirilis Ertugrul. Initially, I thought that this series wouldn’t suit me well because I have never watched an action series and also, I would have to watch the series with English subtitles. But, with nothing to do, I started the series, and little by little the plot-twisting story made me an addict and fan of the series. The expeditions that Ertugrul had done to protect his tribe, the bravery that he had during wars, and his dedication to unite the Turkish tribes to form a just government still inspires me. From a small tribe, Ertugrul formed the platform for the establishment of the Ottoman Empire that covered land from Greece and Europe to the north of Africa to unite people under a just system of government. Although I don’t have to fight in a war physically and start a political revolution, I still need to embody this spirit of sacrifice and work to pursue an impactful life. As a result of having been obsessed with Turkish history, I craved to go to Turkey to put myself in the ancient streets and historic cities that called me from the television. These desires finally were realized in May of 2022 when I went to Turkey with my father.




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