Unspoken Words


  • Nicholas Borrillo


Day One. The Beginning

My name is Ucan and I am from a small Mayan village in the Yucatan Peninsula. We are a very isolated village from the other Mexican villages. We enjoy this peaceful, balanced, and self­–sufficient way of life. Until recently we have managed to maintain our isolation. In the last two days, other small towns reported that the Los Zetas cartel began infiltrating numerous villages. They were taking the women and children, and then massacring the rest of the people.  Because of this I had to make the difficult personal decision to leave my family and my village behind. When I was little I remembered the day my father left, telling me that he would come back to see me in the future and that he would return with just enough money so that we can build our dream house. All my life I have wanted to go to the United States to start a new life; the only person I know there, my father, lives in Los Angeles. I researched the best I could about all the famous people who live in Los Angeles, and I think I will fit in well. I think now is the perfect time for me to leave this small village and see my dad, maybe I can persuade him to come home.




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