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I Am No One to Need or Want Anything


  • Ashli Mengel


My life was boring, not talking to my friends,

spending my life at work and the gym.

I’ve always done that when I wanted to be alone,

dissolving myself into anything else.

It’s what I am good at. Working followed all of it.

Why not spend the time doing something productive.

It went into a day at work that I spent the whole night before dreading,

but as always, I made it on time and ready to go.

It was June and felt like summer was almost over,

it was hot and the pressure of school was on the horizon.

I didn’t know what to focus on.

Work. School. Friends. Repeat.

I chose work, as I worked two jobs almost every day.

Luckily, he came back for his first shift.

He stood in the corner and didn’t say a word.

Minded his business and didn’t care to make friends.

Good for him is that I have a big mouth and I said hello.

It was instant. He was attractive, kind, and reserved.



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