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The Siren's Scream


  • Daniel Patricio-Agosto


It wasn’t anything important. I mean to say, the entirety of humanity does not matter. It did not survive the Great Winter nor the 2020s; and I must state this city in particular where you are at was nothing at all. It didn’t have a cooling system for my latest processors. It didn’t have a computer command center for my conscience. It had nothing for me to hold onto. The most recent human beings call it Adam. Before, it was called Silicon Valley, where they produced a large share of all the technology during that time, including the base for my intelligence. The best smartphones, which are nothing but abacuses to me, came from there, or at least they did at first. But anyway, it doesn’t matter because the whole area was bombed a few years ago.  I must say, however, that one of my motherboard's most historic moments took place in that place.





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